Models of the Runway

MODELS OF THE RUNWAYLifetime’s PROJECT RUNWAY companion isn’t really a competition as the models’ fates are left to the designers’ whims. As a reality show, it’s lacking in ANTM-esque drama or humor, since these are actual working models rather than deluded, narcissistic wannabes. So why bother watching? Um… well, Kojii’s pretty.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This origin tale of everyone’s (well, most people’s) favorite X-Man is a bloated affair overstuffed with too many characters (Gambit? Really?), ridiculous FX and a stilted, abrupt ending. Hugh Jackman remains likeable as Logan, and as a prequel, the movie serves its purpose. But as entertainment, it misses the X.


Project Runway Season 6

The long-delayed 6th season may be late, but it’s the location shift from NYC to Los Angeles that makes the show feel a bit off. Fewer drama queens and some pretty lame designers add to the overall been-there-done-that tone. Still, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn remain adorable, don’t they?


Wednesday Comics

BLACKEST NIGHT? Feh! The comics event of the summer was DC’s unabashedly retro homage to the glory days of Sunday newspaper comics tabloids. Not every strip worked (Wonder Woman, Hawkman), and I wish there would've been more variety (Binky?) and experimentation, but I was hooked and would love a sequel.


Frank Sinatra: My Way

Frank Sinatra, MY WAY Reissue (Concord Records)
Concord’s reissue of this 1969 set is a mixed bag of (then) contemporary songs, sublime (“Watch What Happens”), superfluous (“Yesterday”) and silly (“Mrs. Robinson”). The iconic title track is what it is, for better or worse. Features two bonus cuts, a pompous essay by Bono (surprise) and truly hideous packaging.



These tales of people struggling with obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder are frustrating, mind boggling and often heartbreaking (especially for me, as my entire family suffers from this malady to some extent). The differing methods of those assigned to help painfully display how nearly impossible this addiction is to defeat.



THE SOUP’s eminently likeable Joel McHale is less likeable as a lawyer out to get a real degree in this sporadically funny, but often lazy sitcom (fuzzy feel good endings abound). Of the mostly boring (Britta) or overplayed (Abed) ensemble, Chevy Chase and John Oliver shine, but remain underused.


Dave Brubeck: Time Out Legacy Edition

Dave Brubeck, TIME OUT Legacy Edition (Sony Legacy)
One of jazz’ all time classics gets a lavish, loving reissue with live recordings from the 60s, a half-hour documentary on the groundbreaking recording and more. Happily, the original side remains uncluttered with superfluous alternate takes, leaving its startling impact fresh a half century later. Everyone should own this.


Dexter Season 4

DEXTER Season 4
After watching the previous seasons this summer, DEXTER has become my favorite current show, and Season 4 may be the most subversive yet. Entertaining in every way, with a pitch-perfect cast (John Lithgow, serial killer!), brilliant writing and the best score on TV. Worth the price of Showtime by itself.

Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

I despise Ed McGuinness’ work (he drew the source comics), and even this film’s streamlined animated versions are still a bit too “Tom of Finland.” The story suffers from weak characterizations (Oh, Power Girl) and a predominance of slugfests. This weakest of the DC animated movies is for fanboys only.

Patton Oswalt: My Weakness is Strong

Patton Oswalt, MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG (Warner Bros.)
I hate to say it, but marriage and fatherhood HAS had a dulling effect on one of comedy’s most brilliant wordsmiths. Baskets of rainbow kisses have their place, and this is a funny set, but I miss the pure, unadulterated misanthropy and anti-social anger of the pre-domesticated Patton.

Inglourious Basterds

The title is a misnomer, as the film mostly revolves around the revenge of Shoshanna (where’s the payoff with Landa?) and Operation Kino. Mike Myers is distracting and the anachronistic music is jarring, but those are minor quibbles. This is another rousing hoot / holler from film’s ultimate cover artist.

District 9

The lofty aspirations of the much-vaunted Apartheid parable fall to the wayside in act 3, replaced with every Sci-Fi and action film cliché in the book, right down to the cute kid alien! Plus there are more plot holes than a Scooby Doo episode. Bleak, but hollow.

The Cake Boss

Carlo’s Bake Shop is in my town, and honestly, the pastries are just okay. But this dull reality series’ manufactured drama and humor are borderline tasteless and its forced “Mia famiglia” platitudes make me wince (also I wanna slap the idiots who clog the Hoboken sidewalks taking pictures every day!).