The Looney Tunes Show

The design, animation, writing and voice acting all vary from competent to quite good. So why does this Bugs & Daffy sitcom just feel… wrong? Maybe trying to update these characters is simply a fool’s errand, as no modern interpretation can ever measure up to what are true American masterpieces.


DC Retroactive: Batman - the '70s

DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ‘70s by Len Wein & Tom Mandrake (DC Comics)
The Terrible Trio return to torment the Darknight Detective who, for some strange reason, has his bat-symbol photoshopped onto his chest in most panels (it ain’t that hard to draw). Wein’s script and Mandrake’s pencils capture the era, but again, modern production techniques dull the intended effect.

Louie Season 2

LOUIE Season 2
What makes LOUIE one of the best shows on TV isn’t its unique combination of hilarity and melancholia so much as its singular vision (a tube rarity). Extreme hyphenate C.K. produces, writes, directs and edits as well as stars, making this a true, undiluted extension of his brilliant stand-up style.