The Pitch

Watching fictional ad men in the 1960s is one thing; diving into the self-deluded narcissism of real-life modern-day advertising people who fancy themselves postmodern arteests in a dog-eat-dog business setting? I’d rather shove 6-inch spikes into my eyes.  

Mad Men Season 5

MAD MEN Season 5
It’s 1966, and the times are... you know... as Don struggles to stay relevant, Peggy fights back, Roger mellows out, Sally grows up and Pete’s just lost. While some claim it’s a dull season, I’m riveted, as these characters are forced to adjust to this era’s social and cultural upheaval.


Davey and the Trainwreck, Last Stop Hoboken

Davey and the Trainwreck, LAST STOP HOBOKEN
Jersey-fresh folk / roots rocker Dave Calamoneri has been perfecting these righteous anthems for nigh a decade, all in preparation for this first “official” release, seven foot-stompin’ calls to action backed by his Trainwreck stalwarts in the studio (and live on an incendiary version of “the Wolf”). Furious, hopeful fun!

The Avengers

The Nerdiverse bends a collective knee to praise Joss Whedon for this richly rewarding superhero epic; an action-packed spectacle firmly rooted in character, with genuine drama and more than a little humor (all assembled around Robert Downey Jr.’s unifying super-glue of a performance). THE AVENGERS is damn near perfect.


“Omigod, I thought you died 50 years ago!!”
“No, I just vanished and reappeared yesterday.”
“How come you haven’t aged at all?”
“Y’know, I’m not sure.”
“Oh, okay. So how ya been?” 

In a nutshell, this is why the promising, but frustrating ALCATRAZ was canceled.