Game Change

GAME CHANGE blames the 2008 GOP campaign fiasco more on the desperate strategists than McCain / Palin. Julianne Moore is (painfully) pitch-perfect. Ignore the conservative critics, this is as fair as a story about an opportunistic, self-deluded, right wing idiot can be. But that’s my bias talking, not the film’s.

Marvel Firsts: the 1970s vol. 1

MARVEL FIRSTS: THE 1970s vol. 1
This jam-packed collection of mostly obscure first appearances eschews the usual lack of historical perspective in comic book trade paperbacks, offering comprehensive cover reproductions and factual annotations. Even the re-coloring remains faithful to the original comics, avoiding contemporary computer gradients and color. A worthy heir to the ORIGINS series legacy.

The Artist

Oscar® remains predictably supercilious, anointing a predictable, unnecessarily cloying romance a masterpiece simply because of its non-traditional milieu and style. Bérénice Bejo takes Peppy to interminable literalness and the VERTIGO music is jarringly out of place. Jean Dujardin’s timeless charm is the indisputable high point of this just okay film.