The Boy Who Loved Batman

THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN by Michael Uslan (Chronicle Books)
Longtime Batman film producer Uslan’s autobiography is heavy on childhood reminisces and light on moviemaking anecdotes (Uslan avoids even naming Joel Schumacher or his Bat-travesties, let alone dishing dirt), suggesting that a good Hollywood memoir cannot be written by an active player… or a nice guy? A friendly, missed opportunity.

The Grey

Yeah, yeah, life is hard and then you die, sometimes horribly and alone. But can we just talk about how Liam Neeson really needs a hand stand-in for any close-ups of his stubby sausage paws? One has to wonder about whether certain Hollywood legends refer to length or girth…

The Muppets

Jason Segel’s ode to Jim Henson’s creations certainly has its heart in the right place: It’s positively brimming with fuzzy sincerity and palpable affection. If only it were funnier and less crass. Further evidence that some pieces of pop culture are best left fallow in the absence of their creator.