Funny or Die Presents

Adapting Will Ferrell & Adam McKay’s comedy website to HBO (taking a dollop of inspiration from SCTV), FODP loses democratic interactivity, but wisely keeps the format loose and the skits short and uncensored with mixed (Eh: Designated Driver; Hilarious: Space Baby and Drunk History) results. The retro graphics are terrific.

Juliana Hatfield: Peace and Love

Juliana Hatfield, PEACE AND LOVE (Ye Olde Records)
I love me some Juliana Hatfield when she’s full of piss and vinegar. But this acoustic auteur-slab (done in her apartment) is so painfully overwrought with narcissism, heartbreak and longing (including an ode to Evan Dando!) it ends up evoking a teenager’s diary. Terrible design adds to a disappointing misstep.

Ca$h Cab

This smart, funny and engaging game show is not only fun to watch, but once you’re hooked, the real-life game begins of scouring Manhattan for the Sienna with 7N78 tags, hoping for a chance to show smart-aleck host Ben Bailey how much you know (as my friend Therese did).