Freaks and Geeks

Not nearly as groundbreaking nor realistic as I’d been led to believe, this just-okay high school sitcom is mostly laudable for the incredibly hilarious Martin Starr as geek Bill. Attention to ‘80s detail aside, the show’s just not nervy enough and falls too often on feel-good happy endings.


Bob Fingerman said...

Remind me to argue with you about this one later.

That's the nerd version of Moe Howard's "Remind me to murder you later," I reckon.

Hey, to each his own. I love that show and think it gets better with repeated viewings.

Bob Fingerman said...

I just watched them, again, almost a year later, and guess what? I like 'em even better this time. I still get a bit teary-eyed from time to time, too.

PS: Should I be embarrassed that I am commenting on my own comment almost a year later? Maybe, but it's a geeky thing to do and I guess that's apropos.