George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya

George Carlin is funny about 50% of the time, but that’s mitigated by his usually spot-on righteous anger. The septuagenarian’s new HBO special suffers from some excessive bile (Lance Armstrong?) and some mixed messages (does God exist or not?), but still hits enough hilarious nails to affirm Carlin’s legend.

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Bob Fingerman said...

Carlin -- who is one of my heroes -- stopped being a comedian several HBO specials ago. He's now the old crank in the park standing on a soapbox railing against everything. Only his soapbox is on pay-TV and millions watch. I agree with almost everything he says, but he hasn't made me laugh in years. If I want to listen to an old crank whinge about the world I'll stand in front of the mirror. Too bad. I still love the old bastard. Make him a pundit. That I'd watch.