The Other Guys

Adam McKay’s cop/buddy film spoof does double duty as an indictment of corporate malfeasance and the government’s role in helping the rich get richer. A nice mixture of broad slapstick and smart satire enhances the film’s multi-layered texture. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg play off of each other beautifully.

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Bob Fingerman said...

I felt pretty let down by The Invention of Lying (maybe my expectations were too high), but I just watched The Other Guys and really enjoyed it. It was way smarter, weirder and more original than I thought it would be. And the chemistry was really good. The ad campaign made it look pretty run of the mill (which I'm guessing was what they wanted, as marketing goons have no imagination or faith in those who do), but I'm glad it was just bad advertising. A much smarter, funnier movie than expected.