Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

If I were into video games… or Manga… or Beck… or if Michael Cera didn’t make me wanna kick puppies… or if I were a 16 year-old girl… I may well have enjoyed Edgar Wright’s stylish comics adaptation. Things being as they are, however, I cannot say I did.


the hanged man said...

Watched Scott Pilgrim. Didn't really like it.

Biggest problem is Michael Cera in the title role. Generally, I don't mind him and thought he was funny in Superbad and Arrested Development but here he's supposed to be a bit of a ladykiller, or at least have had some fair amount of romantic experience. However, he still plays it in that introverted, hesitant, geeky style, which also doesn't work when he suddenly begins kicking ass.

For all the clever bits and formal invention (neat editing and CGI tricks), the movie feels leadfooted. Something that takes its story and visual style from videogames shouldn't feel so heavy. Pop movies are fun for their lightness, their speed and invention - Shaun of the Dead comes to mind. They shouldn't feel this plodding.

Another problem is the main characters seem too young for this story. It's about how you carry romantic baggage with you, but baggage is something that accumulates with age. Do you really have that much baggage when you're 22? Maybe you feel like you do, but it doesn't work in this film, as evidenced by that fact that all of the girl's "evil ex's" were, for the most part, guys that she dated for a week or less. The idea that they'd be so up for a fight seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

what he said