Louie Season 2

LOUIE Season 2
What makes LOUIE one of the best shows on TV isn’t its unique combination of hilarity and melancholia so much as its singular vision (a tube rarity). Extreme hyphenate C.K. produces, writes, directs and edits as well as stars, making this a true, undiluted extension of his brilliant stand-up style.

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Pops Gustav said...

The second season took a rather dark, overly serious turn that kinda put me off a bit. I'm all for tackling serious subjects in comedy, but the Afghanistan episode fell flat for me and the episode with Doug Stanhope planning his suicide wasn't funny, it was just disturbing. I realize this postscript is more than 50 words, but it's hard to summarize something so complex. I still love Louis C.K. and appreciate the show, but I hope next season lightens up just a tad.