Louie Season 3

LOUIE Season 3
What was once an agonizingly funny show has become simply agonizing. If you love pathos and melancholia, it’s an incredibly successful, well-executed television program (and remains worth watching for its rare auteur status). But with entire episodes that lack one single laugh, one thing LOUIE ain’t… is a comedy.

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Bob Fingerman said...

I love Louis CK as a standup, but I lost interest in the show. I think the second season was wobbly and the third lost me midway. I realized I had half the season on my DVR, unwatched, for many, many months. When it came time to replace my DVR I skimmed those eps. Found the three-parter about taking over for Letterman tiresome. He falls back too often on self-indulgence that doesn't serve the narrative or audience. Very film studenty. Maybe a yearlong hiatus will recharge his batteries.