True Detective

In the wake of the season’s end, I have to change what would have been an unequivocal rave to a mitigated cry of Entertaining Bullshit after one of the most disappointing, off-key, and unsatisfying climaxes in TV history. Was Nic Pizzolatto out to make fools of us from the beginning?


Lauren Foti said...

TRUE DISAPPOINTMENT...Maybe i've been jaded by Game of Thrones, but someone should have died!! it was such a safe, quick, and boring ending.

Romel Espinel said...

An absolute disappointment. How could Pizzolatto set up all these conspiracies and mythologies about grander conspiracies and then deliver on one loan nut job as the murderer and no consequence to higher ups. And in the end it also became about men and their repressed psychological feelings too? Gah!